Entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, connector, life-long learner, passionate about empowering people to live courageously, developing phenomenal cultures and teams. 

With over 25 years of experience in launching and growing businesses, record-breaking sales, leading highly successful teams, and developing phenomenal cultures, Angela has learned it all starts with leading yourself well. Angela has trained thousands of business owners, teams, and individuals globally on growing your mindset, growing your business, and growing your life.  

Angela is the author of The Courageous Mind. She works with entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, leaders, and teams who do not want to settle for mediocrity and want to find the courage to achieve phenomenal success, happiness, and abundance in all areas of their lives. She believes in the power of your morning routine, daily habits, the people in your circle, your willingness to have courageous conversations,  and how they all empower you to take more risks.  

Angela is the founder of Courageous Solutions & Strategies, which empowers business professionals to operate in their unique genius and delegate everything else using a virtual team to grow their businesses and their lives exponentially faster.