Are you working in your Unique Genius?

Are you making the most of each day working in your Unique Genius?

I define your Unique Genius as those things:

  1. Are in your strength zone, you are great at, your natural gifts.
  2. Fuel your fire, ignite your spirit, and do not drain you.
  3. Align with your mission, vision and are moving you closer to your goals.

I challenge you to do the Unique Genius exercise. 

  1. Write down everything you do in a day. EVERYTHING. The more days you do this, the more effective the exercise. 
  2. Circle everything that is in your strength zone, that you are great at doing, that you do the best.
  3. Highlight everything that sets your soul on fire, that doesn’t leave you burnt out or you dread doing.
  4. Put a star by everything that aligns with your mission, vision and moves you closer to your personal and business goals. 
  5. Any item on the list that is not circled, highlighted AND starred, evaluate. How can you delegate or delete these tasks?

The more time you spend working in your unique genius, the happier and more successful you will be! 

If you find items you can delegate, we would love to chat about how a virtual assistant might be right for you! 

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Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind