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We believe a healthy lifestyle is a holistic approach to mind, body, and soul. It is more than a number on the scale or how you look, more importantly how you feel, and the energy and mindset you have to pursue your goals and live your best life. Our mission is to help you implement sustainable habit changes and level up your life. 

An accountability group and coaching sessions will inspire you to make changes in your lifestyle to increase your energy, manage stress, reach your health goals, and keep you motivated and consistent. Get the tools, information, and inspiration you need along with a great support system, encouragement, community, and accountability to make lasting changes that improve your life! Let’s work together to make sure you, your family, friends, employees, and coworkers, are supported to implement sustainable habit changes that level up your life, mind, body, and soul.  

  • Stop procrastinating – implement healthy habits and routines.  
  • Break free of your limiting beliefs holding you back. 
  • Refine your approach to health, wellness, and fitness goals to become a lifestyle. 
  • Change your mindset. 
  • Explore barriers, build skills, and make step by step lasting changes that lead to improved health and energy.  
  • Learn about and conquer struggles with stress, your schedule, life balance energy, toxic environments, and how they can be affecting your health and happiness. 
  • Ditch addictive numbing behaviors.  
  • Focus your most precious commodity –TIME, on improving yourself so you can make the biggest impact and create the most abundance in your life. 


This program includes: 

  • 1 Weekly group online session (available via playback) 
  • 2 Weekly check-in emails 
  • Habit Tracking (food, exercise, water, sleep + more based on your goals) 
  • Have questions, need real-time support? We got you covered.  
  • Accountability of Goals to Habits 
  • Automatic sign up for our health e-newsletter 
  • Simple but informative education you will implement. 
  • Motivation, encouragement, and support to help you make the healthy lifestyle changes you want. 
  • My personal commitment to your health and success 
  • Learn what Macros mean for you and your plan. 
  • Healthy Meal Prep Recipes 
  • Incredible Guest Speakers + Education 
  • New Workout Ideas + Tips 
  • Connection to what fuels your Mind + Body + Soul.  
  • Celebrate your success. 


You join a supportive environment of like-minded people. Invest in yourself and level up your life!  

$35 a month. Refer 2 friends and get a month free!

(Cancel at any time)

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About me

Entrepreneur, Mom of College Students, passionate about health, fitness, and empowering women. 

For 20+ years, I have been helping women and men achieve their health and fitness goals as a dance and gymnastics studio owner, teacher, coach, and fitness instructor. Both of my children were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, which lead to a deep dive into nutrition, gut health, supplements, sleep and more. I continue to be passionate about helping others on their health journey to feel their best, have the most energy, and live their best lives!  

Two things remain true over time. First…Knowledge is power. I am a constant seeker of nutrition and health information to make smart choices about how to feed our bodies well. Second…Planning and accountability are keys to consistent success. In this busy world, we are all easily distracted and having a coach and a community are vital to reaching and maintaining your health goals.  

Welcome to the Courageous Health community! 

Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder with dumbells - The Courageous Mind

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Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind
Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind

Get your free unleash your courage workbook