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The Courageous Mind

Successful people choose not to sit on the sidelines. They go after their dreams one courageous step at a time. Courage is the key to achieving more success and happiness. You can borrow it from others, learn to use it instinctively and lead by loaning your own courage to others. In The Courageous Mind, Angela Schroeder explains how to open our lives to opportunities by surrounding ourselves with people and environments that support facing our fears, taking risks, and growing our courage. Through research, personal stories, and interviews, Schroeder shares how to find courage to achieve phenomenal success, happiness, and abundance in all areas of life. She challenges readers to think about their own situations with questions like: Why is it important to have uncomfortable conversations? What would happen if you tried collecting failures to achieve more success? What dreams are on the other side of your fear? The Courageous Mind is for people who no longer want to settle for mediocrity. It is for those who want to become more, achieve more, and do more for others. Schroeder hopes this book will inspire readers to take that courageous step outside their comfort zone, face their fears, and pursue their dreams. With over twenty-five years of experience in launching and growing businesses, record-breaking sales, leading highly successful teams, and developing phenomenal cultures, Schroeder learned it all starts with leading yourself well. She has globally trained thousands of business owners, teams, and individuals on growing your mindset, growing your business, and growing your life.