Custom process design

  • Managed led research-design strategies to provide original design concepts for Internet and Intranet applications
  • Accomplish a theme redesign using CSS edits and HTML edits for anot-for-profit children’s social network helpline.
  • Manage company’s social networking presence on the internet, aswell as assisting with updates to website and advertising
  • Manage and design all interactive projects for clients; translating business requirements and user needs into compelling multimedia solutions
  • Design and code responsive email templates to current industry standards using CSS, HTML, and some JSON
  • Develop functional wireframes and GUI prototypes in HTML using Dreamweaver MX
  • Create proofs, and new product templates, and send sample product mock-ups done in photoshop to clients
  • Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts
  • Collaborate in a menu layout, product description, pricing configuration, and feature design and consult on overall company branding
  • Create interactive animations, technical instructions, and innovative multimedia presentations for online distribution, conferences, and software applications
  • Perform QC test on the fabric to ensure it meets customer requirements
  • Accredit for new corporate identity design and intranet development
  • Design identity and serve on the committee of the major corporate cultural change initiative
  • Edit and proofread company documents and contributor articles for publication

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Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind
Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind

Get your free unleash your courage workbook