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There are no limits on what you can accomplish. There are limits on your time and energy. Are you spending those most precious limited commodities doing what you do best? Are you using your time and energy every day to accomplish what you want most? 

We empower entrepreneurs and business professionals to grow their businesses and their lives exponentially faster by delegating the details to a virtual team.

*Spend your time and energy on tasks that require your unique strengths and talents and fill you up with energy.

*Work ON your business, not IN your business.

*Delegate the details so you have more time for creativity, activities that rejuvenate your energy, and new opportunities for growth.


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Executive Virtual Assistant

We have a virtual assistant that will help you with your everyday business tasks, from designing and scheduling travel to conducting online research and answering emails.

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Our marketing virtual assistant is here to help you have more time to focus on growing your business. We'll create engaging content, drive traffic to your website, and set up the proper branding for your business.

Dedicated Ecommerce

Ecommerce is more than just selling on the internet, it’s your way to reach millions of potential customers, increase revenue and grow your business. Grow your sales with our dedicated Ecommerce specialist.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Add relevant, timely, and well-executed content to your social channels. This will help you engage a wider audience and reach potential customers interested in your products or service offerings.

Bookkeeping, CPAs

We offer time-saving bookkeeping services for small businesses that want to focus on what really counts. Our meticulous accounting will allow you to return to the business at hand.

Brand Development Packages

Make a lasting impression with your brand. Let us create fresh, clean, innovative designs that will establish you as a leader in your industry.

Website Design/SEO

We help you identify issues, optimize, and improve your website. We've ranked keyword phrases and we have done it all using white hat techniques. We optimize, rank, and repeat.

CRM + Campaign Management

CRMs may collect crucial data from prospects and clients, enabling marketing teams to more effectively target their audience. This data can be used to build tailored messages for particular audience segments

Content Writing

Let our content writer assist you in producing material that is search engine optimized. Coordinate with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles, and receive your completed work promptly.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Our experienced real estate virtual assistants can schedule appointments and assist brokers, property managers and investors.

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"Angela and her team are a necessity if you are looking to expand your business and brand.  Their ability to help launch a successful book release, create and implement an online presence and promote my brand was beyond expectations.  Not only did they alleviate tasks from my plate, they went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of my needs were executed.  I would highly recommend utilizing The Courageous Mind for anyone looking to work smarter, not harder."
James Manske
James Manske
Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, Owner & CEO of Elkhorn Lawn Care. Author of Thinking Horizontally, Consultant and Coach
"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Angela Schroeder for almost three years now. Her ability to organize, create and follow through never disappoint. Her networking, promotional, professional events are always well received and well attended. I recently engaged Angela's company to manage  the social media and websites for 6 of my restaurant brands. Once again she and her team do not disappoint. Professional, timely, and relevant content every time! I would not hesitate to recommend Angela and her team to anyone who wants to outsource their social media, promotional events, accounting or executive assistant services they provide."
Greg S Cutchall
Greg S Cutchall
President, CEO Cutchall Management Co
“One of the many things I have learned in my journey building companies and motivating people to succeed in life is that we can’t do it all and do it well. This is why we all need Angela. Angela is an entrepreneur’s best friend, she is the resource we need to accomplish our business and personal goals. Angela has the resources to delegate the B, C, and D tasks daily so I can concentrate on the “A’s” which is to be in front of people and creating revenue. I always preach to be successful we need to associate with like-minded people and Angela Schroeder is a ROCK STAR in her space of helping others. If you are going to be in it you might as well be the BEST at it. Angela has the tools and resources to get you there!”
Van Deeb
Van C. Deeb
CEO: DEEB Companies Owner: Big Omaha Realty Motivational speaker and Author
"While working with and implementing Courageous Strategies and Solutions marketing virtual assistant, I was pleasantly surprised. Angela and her team have created an atmosphere for me to focus on my purpose, passion, and vision while not losing sight of my message. Courageous Strategies and Solutions has allowed me to reach exponentially more people within my network through their focused branding technique. I highly recommend Courageously Strategies and Solutions to anyone who needs to delegate their marketing detail by elevating their influence and career."
Jacqelle Lane, M.Ed.
Author | Advocate | Educator | Key Note Speaker

Keynotes, Workshops and Classes

programs designed for your businesses

Inspiring keynotes to step outside our comfort zone and elevate your success

Interactive workshops for your executives, teams and organizations

Cultivate courageous leadership, teams and cultures

Inspiring keynotes to step outside our comfort zone and elevate your success

Interactive workshops for your executives, teams and organizations

Cultivate courageous leadership, teams and cultures

Mission Statement

We empower business professionals to operate in their unique genius and delegate everything else using a virtual team so that by focusing on what matters most they can grow their businesses and their lives exponentially faster.

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