Committing To Goals

When you strongly commit to your YES your NO becomes automatic.

As we wrap up January, how are you doing on the goals you set for the year? It may be time for a recommitment and realignment.

When you are passionate about goals and ALL IN on achieving them, then you fully commit to the systems, habits, and rituals it takes to achieve them.

Mental and physical health are extremely important to me so I am committed to aligning systems that support my goals. I am committed to my daily workout, I already decided it was a yes at 4:30 AM so it’s not a daily decision.

What goals are you committed to? What systems and routines do you have in place that are an automatic YES? How can you take daily decisions and willpower out of the equation?

I would love to hear about your goals and how systems work for you.

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 Let’s make it a great February!

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