Unleash your Courage

Are you ready to make quantum leaps in every area of your life? Are you ready to let go of the patterns of the past, the beliefs that are holding you back, and do more than you have imagined? Are you ready to grow yourself, take a hard look inside, and do the work to take you to the next level? Are you ready to face your fears and take risks?

This guide will take you through questions and reflections to take you into the next year. I encourage you to take some time to yourself to think and journal. Give yourself time to uncover what matters the most, what drives you, and what you really want to accomplish. Head into this next on purpose, not on autopilot. 

You get to design your one and only life. Design it in a way that brings you joy and that you create the impact you desire the most. 

Make a plan and commitment to upgrading your habits and making consistent efforts to grow your mindset. Find a community that supports vulnerability and courage and encourages your personal growth, elevates your beliefs, and believes in your dreams. Discover how much potential you have, and how much abundance awaits you.

I am cheering for you, for you to UNLEASH YOUR COURAGE! 

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I will be hosting my own show on Turf’s Up Radio Wednesdays at 4:30 PM CST starting January 4! Unleash your Courage will also be LIVE on Facebook each week and a podcast on all your favorite platforms.

Get your free unleash your courage workbook!

Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind
Founder of the Courageous Mind Angela Schroeder - The Courageous Mind

Get your free unleash your courage workbook