• Ensuring that website design, layout, and coding is optimized for search.
  • Working with the web designer to ensure consistent standards of SEO
  • Performing regular tests on website SEO rankings
  • Troubleshooting technical SEO issues for the website
  • Giving feedback to the digital marketing team about SEO
  • Researching the latest SEO guidelines and implementing them
  • Assisting with integrations to enhance or maintain SEO
  • Planning website SEO contingencies for problems that may arise
  • Updating marketing managers and team members on SEO
    standards and changes
  • Providing technical support to stakeholders in the web design
  • Develop and implement a well-designed SEO strategy
  • Analyze data to identify trends in the web space
  • Make changes to the web codes in order to improve the website position
  • Track and analyze website analytics
  • Analyze the performance of current SEO strategies
  • Offer solutions for strategy improvement
  • Identify deficiencies and bugs
  • Offer solutions for deficiencies in a timely manner
  • Work with editorial and marketing teams
  • Perform ongoing keyword expansion and optimization
  • Optimize landing pages for search engine marketing (SEM)

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